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Unlocking the Situation When You Need it Most

 Handy service best describes what you need from a local locksmith. There’s nothing like help that comes in handy when you need it most. It takes a team of professionals and a few trucks of tools to provide locksmithing to its highest degree. This is why you’re here. Your everyday use of locks and keys become more important when they’re not working. 

Keeping those pieces working brings us to provide a spectrum of services for the job. Your residential needs are covered here. Look closely, and you’ll find repair and installation services for commercial buildings also. The expedience we provide for car lock-outs helps you to forget the occasion and to get back in the driver’s seat. 

For the Repairs, Replacements and the Unexpected

 Emergency services are part of a full package in store. We know the urgency of locks. You need a licensed professional to replace your broken items and to install the replacements. Your keys and safety are then left in your hands. You can rest at ease for a number of reasons. Our service is brought by professionals, and we’re willing to help. 

Here’s What We Bring to You:

 – Fast Service 

Speed and execution doesn’t take the place of quality and control. You’re about meet a group of professionals who know their locks so well, that time is the least of your worries. We’re prepared to arrive quickly and to get the job done on time. 

– Easy to Reach 

Our staff is waiting to hear from your. We know that what you’re facing is a lock or key that can be replaced, but you need a professional to help. The complete set of tools from our team are at your disposal with a simple call. You can plan routine visits or speak with our staff to share the details of your emergency. 

What Your Neighbors are Saying. …


Recent Reviews


“I didn’t expect a locksmith to come so fast. I now know that this locksmith is ready when I need them most. There’s more to managing your keys and locks than I had realized. My own failure put me in a bind. I was able to learn my lesson with a team that actually cared. Thanks guys!” – Daniela Cunningham 

“Routine service can be completely necessary. It turned out that I needed more than a routine job once the locksmith arrived. I got more than I expected and upgraded my home’s security. My wife can’t thank me enough, and we both feel safer than ever. I’ll never underestimate this service again, and I recommend it.” – Anthony Smith 

Residential When You Need It

 Residential Locksmith Services 

The security of home is an intricate science. It takes years of training for locksmiths to master the art of the residential lock and key. Let us improve your security while we’re at it. Adding new installations and replacing the old are the labors we’re prepared to do this very moment. Let’s speak to better understand what you can improve. Our home services are through cordial professionals that we send in a hurry. 

See What Type of Services You can Expect:

 – Mailbox Customization 

Customization intertwines with a lock to make a secure appliance out of your mailbox. 

– Patio Doors 

Patio doors can be installed with the same key you use for inner and outer doors. 

– Garage Entry Doors 

Improving or replacing your garage door-locks begins at your request, and there are a few safe, sleek and affordable options we have. 

– Home Lockouts 

Here, our work is fast and light. We work to keep your home protected and to make sure you can always get in. 

– Fast Key Extractions 

Keys break, and when they do, you don’t have to replace the entire lock. We can extract the key and get you real copies in a hurry. 

Our Tennessee Locksmith Service Areas:

  • •Antioch TN
  • •Nashville TN (Nashville and the surrounding area)
  • •Franklin TN
  • •Hermitage TN
  • •Brentwood TN
  • •Hills TN
  • •Madison TN
  • •Green Hills TN

Commercial: In and Out

 – Commercial Locksmith Services 

Protect your office, and maintain your ability to get back in. Your entire building may use a sensitive locking system, and that’s good news. We want to make every piece come together and to keep the keys in the hands of authorized personnel. 

How We can Help Improve Your Commercial Building:

 – Access Control 

Unifying your locking system is important when it’s set up through electronics and keypads. Keeping your access to this system is something we walk you through step-by-step. 

– On-Spot Key Making 

Don’t worry about the most unexpected. You can always expect us to remake keys on-demand wherever and whenever you need them. 

– Office Lockouts 

There’s no door or system that a preplan can’t handle. Your doors will always be accessible and safe when we’ve installed your security. 

– Master Keys 

Limiting the access you give to key holders is important for your safety. What we guide you through with master keys gives you one key that can access every door while other keys only access one entry-point. 

Vehicle Lock-Outs and Reentry

 – Because Things Just Happen 

No matter the day, time or season, car-locks happen. Here’s your chance to save our contact. Getting locked out of your vehicle is a simple fix when you can make a simple phone call. Our team is mobile and can track you down after you get a hold of us. This service is for emergencies and offered to everyone in the region. Just call us at (423) 933-1646, and our mobile locksmith professionals will soon arrive to help. 

Start with a Better Understanding of These:

 – Car Keys and Remotes 

The complications of having remote and chip-powered keys are subsided once you know we can manage it. You’re in the position to get new chips made for your vehicle. All you do is verify your identity, and we get right to work. 

– Lockout Reentries 

Your keys aren’t lost; they’re just stuck in the vehicle. With a few special tools, we’ll get inside without breaking the door. 

  • Replacements and Repairs 

All situations differ, and some require that you replace or repair the damage done. We can do the work on site wherever your vehicle is.

TN Locksmith Services We Offer:

  • •Keys Cut
  • •Spare Key 
  • •Keys Replacement
  • •Duplicate Keys
  • •Broken Key Replacement
  • •Door Locks
  • •Auto Lock Replacement
  • •Key fobs
  • •Transponder Keys
  • •Car Key Replacement
  • •Security Systems
  • •Roadside Assistance
  • •Locks Install
  • •Emergency Lockout Service
  • •Automotive Locksmith Services and more…

For further questions or inquiries, give us a call: Shield Locksmith & Security (423) 933-1646 your local certified locksmith.

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