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Ignition RepairIgnition repair service covers a broad category of problems that can only be solved by an expert automotive locksmith. What are some of the more common ignition afflictions that can disable a vehicle and keep it off the streets? First, is the key turning at all or does the ignition cylinder remain locked in place? If the key manages to turn the ignition but nothing happens, then there could be a problem with your starter. Another issue that can prevent a key from starting a vehicle pertains to the wafers. These wafers match up with the teeth of the key, and natural use can wear them down.

If you accidentally jammed the wrong key inside the ignition or if you even broke the key off inside, please do not try to remove it yourself. This can cause irreparable damage to the ignition and is better left for automotive experts. The technicians at Shield Locksmith & Security are trained to safely extract keys, broken or whole, without damaging the ignition in the process. If you are in need of key extraction or if you are looking to diagnose any ignition trouble, give us a call at (423) 933-1646.


Ignition ReplacementSome ignitions are beyond repair, especially ones that have been repeatedly tampered with. Damage that results from break-ins might also necessitate ignition replacement. Shield Locksmith & Security encourages you to call the dealership or your local locksmith when the first signs of ignition damage present themselves. A trained professional can often diagnose & repair the problem before it escalates. In the event that we cannot repair your ignition, don’t fret! What kind of locksmiths would be if our supply stocks did not include replacement ignitions for nearly every model! Call (423) 933-1646 to have one of our ignition experts be on site as soon as possible.

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